Meditation is a very old method of training concentration and the stability of the spirit.

« It’s a way of fighting against emotional problem, illnesses linked to stress, anxiety and depression » (Christophe André).

It’s above all, a personal experience, an efficient method to discover and understandhow we function.

Moreover it’s an introspective tool, uncovering the conscience which allows us to gradually correct our tendancies and to help us adapt to imposed constraints from daily environment.

It requires a daily and constant work…..


Meditation, doesn’t have to be practiced immobile, eyes closed. It can be practice during activity like gardening, walking or painting.

I have always associated music and painting together in order to get into a creative ambience with ease.

As I paint more and more, the music start to fade and I began to enter into a meditative state, which helps me to better manage my thoughts, my emotions and may physical state.

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