Exhibition at the Salt Grenier, La Bouille - Chantal Lallemand Painter

exhibition at the Salt Grenier, La Bouille: May 3 to 5, 2019

First solo exhibition during 3 days in this charming Norman village with a rich medieval past which was painted, among others, by Gauguin, Turner and Sisley.

A total of 172 people visited my exhibition of 50 paintings. The first day there was the visit of 2 classes of CE2 and CM2, or 51 children. It was a great moment, the children were very curious, lots of questions were asked about the technique on the finger and the hand, the brilliance of the paintings, the beads sewn on the linen cloth …… They all found that very beautiful and little girls told me « they wanted to go home and do the same! « Each child presented his favorite painting while I declaimed the name, very nice time.

I was very surprised to see so many people while the weather was very cold and rainy. There is a real artistic tradition in this village that brings many visitors on weekends and especially in summer.

Overall, my work was very well received. I thought the brilliance was going to be popular with the female audience, but the men are also sensitive … .. The comments on my guestbook affect me a lot and I can not resist the pleasure of delivering a few: « Would you be a fairy, it’s so beautiful? … Highly sought after, I love … .Lighten the light, it’s a bright art …… Very surprised by this beautiful work, the rendering is amazing … .A pleasure to see your creations, they transport us, a huge pleasure, very original, bravo …. Magnificent original works, very beautiful discovery of this art, I love … »

A man of about sixty years, all rounded entered the room and said very loudly « it’s ugly! Turning around. I went to see him on the doorstep and I asked him to tell me why such a reaction. He replied that he hated abstract art and that he loved only the painters who painted Napoleon …… I then told him that indeed he would have been very unhappy if he had stayed in front of my paintings … We left each other with a smile!

Exhibition at the Salt Grenier, La Bouille - Chantal Lallemand Painter

I spent 3 days in the middle of my paintings. I had put the blue, purple, green and orange glitter lava lamps on the floor next to the paintings, incense sticks that gave off a particularly magical smell and in the background of the music.

During this long weekend, I realized that this environment was very similar to Snoezelen, a concept I developed in the nursing home in the 2000s. Snoezelen is the contraction of Snuffelen (feel, sniff) and Doezelen ( sleepy) in dutch. The snoezelen is a space of sensory stimulation. It is called the 5 senses: hearing, smell, touch, sight and taste. In a specially designed room, we will create a soft and safe atmosphere thanks to soft lighting, soft music and lights on optical fibers. This concept originally used in the disability field is now very common in geriatrics and psychiatry.

Find myself in the middle of 50 paintings that shone even more in the spotlight, with this sweet smell and music gave me a real pleasure that I would not have thought possible with the stress generated by the eyes of unknowns on my work. Another proof of the therapeutic benefits of art ……

Exhibition at the Salt Grenier, La Bouille - Chantal Lallemand Painter

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