Demarez Gallery Exhibition - Giverny                                                                Demarez Gallery Exhibition - Giverny

Exhibition from July 15 to 28 at the Demarez gallery

Exhibition of Chantal Lallemand’s ECHOES collection from 15 to 28 July from 10am to 6pm at the Demarez gallery located at 115 rue Claude Monet in Giverny (100 m from the entrance to Claude Monet’s house).

70 paintings will be exhibited. 3 paintings in 1.50 m format will be presented for the first time as well as a dozen new paintings.

Guests at Giverny: Sculptures by artist Evelyne Yharrassarry will be on display and stylist Cyril Lavancier, who works on the memory of the fabrics of our ancestors, will present some of these creations.


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