Exhibition at the Demarez gallery in Giverny

Exhibition at the Demarez gallery in Giverny :

The exhibition was held from July 15 to 28 in a magnificent space. Christophe Demarez’s gallery is really a big and beautiful place with good vibes!

My paintings found their place on the large white walls of the gallery and I was able to exhibit 80 paintings, the last 3 of which are large formats: 114×146.

Evelyne Yharrassarry, sculptor who works with clay and glass, presented 6 of her works and Cyril Lavancier, fashion designer designer, exhibited about ten models from her summer 2019 collection. Cyril’s job is to revive the old embroidered family sheets by transforming them into clothing for women and children.

We were fortunate to have a very large number of visitors in the first week. The second was a heat wave and tourists have deserted Giverny a little.

Overall, this exhibition was rich in meetings and exchanges. I spent a lot of time presenting my work. Many questions about my often intriguing technique and the colour palette I use. I was able to see once again how much the particularity of my painting arouses interest…..

Large formats are always very successful. My work being based on movement, the larger the canvas, the more it is highlighted.

Africa with its 10,000 pearls surprised a large number of visitors with the work of patience that it represents. Cyril’s dress that I embroidered and painted associated with the painting « Crazy diamond » left visitors admiring.

The poster of the association France burnout on the walls of the gallery gave me the opportunity to share on this subject with people affected by this pathology and especially on the therapeutic role of painting.

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