Exhibition from July 15 to 28 at the Demarez gallery

What a joy to have the chance to exhibit my paintings in this beautiful village! With its undulating landscape, Giverny is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists and a source of reverie for walkers. The village already attracted people from the city who were looking for calm and rest long before Claude Monet, an impressionist painter, settled there in 1883 and died in 1926.

It is in the Demarez gallery located at 115 rue Claude Monet, at the end of a charming little alley that I will exhibit 75 paintings from July 15 to 28.

There will be about fifteen large canvases. The idea is to create atmospheres based on colour.

The space available in this magnificent gallery allows me to have a space where I could paint on the floor, like in my studio and another where my work table for beads will be installed. The visitor will be able to see the creation process…………..

Welcome !


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