My painting

By painting with my hands, I establish a close relationship with the canvas as if I were engaged in a kind of massage. The paint is akin to an ointment that I apply by working it into the fabric of my canvas… The contact with the paint produces within me a meditative state. The movements of my hands are guided by the rhythm of the music that always accompanies the creative process for me. Painting… Read more

chantal-lallemand-peintre normandie


I was born in Gevrey-Chambertin (Bourgogne) in 1960, the daughter of a businessman father and a wardrobe mistress mother, the second in a family of six children. Owing to my father’s profession, I lived all over France as I grew up. I live today in Normandy, where my family finally settled down in 1975. I had the good fortune to have a mother with a deeply developed artistic sense…  Read more

My exhibitions

My paintings will be exhibited at the International Salon of Contemporary Art 3F at the Porte de Versailles in Paris and in Monaco, as well as at the Salon of Independent Artists at the Grand Palais in Paris, at the Salon Art Shopping in the Carrousel of the Louvre Museum, at the Salon ArtExpo in New York, and at the Salon Spectrum in Miami. They will also be exhibited in several art galleries, including. Read more



I suggest you discover the entire “Echoes” collection by clicking on the link “visit all my galleries”. Great discovery !

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